Tee-Ball-Pitcher and Manager Pitch League Pitchers Proper Positioning and Safety Precautions

Tee-Ball-Pitcher and Manager-Pitch Leagues still have a defensive pitcher position on the field. In this section, we'll discuss proper defensive positioning and safety issues.

No matter the league, the safety of the player should always be a coach or parents first concern. This position is the closest defensive position to the batter and provides the least amount of time to react to a batted ball. Let's approach safety in these leagues from 2 perspectives, Equipment and positioning/readiness:


The glove. No brainer, but the glove is an important piece of defensive equipment in the game of baseball.
The heart guard:

Pitchers getting hit by any batted ball to the chest area near the heart (line drive, ground ball, etc.) run the risk of an injury to the heart (could even stop the heart in extreme circumstances). This piece of protective equipment is designed to protect the chest area near the heart to significantly reduce the risk of this type of injury. Some leagues provide this equipment for the league practices or games while others do not. It is highly recommended that all players wear the heart guard at at least pitcher and 1st base in these levels of baseball. It is also highly recommended to have one at home for any practice you may hold with your child privately. A heart guard is adjustable to fit most sized children and can be easily purchased on-line or at many sporting goods stores. If you're pressed for time, like most of us, here's a great place to review and purchase

a glove, heart guard, or any other baseball equipment you need.

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