Finally, An easy and fun way for Parents to teach Youth Baseball Fundamentals to their Kids

If you're reading this, chances are you're a parent of a youth baseball player looking for a way to help your son improve his skills at home. You're also busy and looking for the best way to do this without investing days or weeks of your valuable time researching the fundamentals, techniques, skills and drills necessary to accomplish this feat. Not to mention how rewarding it will be to see your son improve from your instruction.

As a current coach and parent of a youth baseball player, I've taken my 25 years of baseball experience as a player and coach and decided to share it with you. Why, you ask? Because I love the game. Especially when it is played correctly. In my 25 years, I've seen it all. From parents that invest alot of personal time into improving their sons play to those that spend very little to none. The time you spend with your child reinforcing these fundamentals and drills will be more impactful than the time they spend with their coaches. Let's face it, practicing twice a week for 2 hours (at most) isn't enough to master (or even significantly improve)! Unfortunately, most parents (like you and me) possess a variety of experience and knowledge that is quite often not enough to effectively teach all the necessary aspects of the game to your child.

No matter your level of baseball knowledge, this site will make you more able to easily help your child improve without investing a ton of your personal time. It will even help make the time you spend learning and practicing these fundamentals fun!! after all, that's what playing a game is all about!


In this section, we'll review the youth baseball hitting instruction fundamentals and I'll show you baseball hitting drills to make practicing them fun at home, in the yard or at the field. Whether it's off a hitting tee, soft toss, in the batting cage, or even in your home, you'll see a variety of ways to keep your kid interested in learning the fundamentals of hitting. I also have a few hitting drills to share with you that can be done at home, no matter what the weather outside. You'll be amazed at how easy and economical it is to have the tools available right at home for your child to practice year-round. Please esnure you and your child are comfortable with the basic hitting fundamentals, outlined in the fundamentals section of this site, prior to using these drills. The goal is to use the drills as a fun and easy way to practice the proper hitting technique and build the muscle memory that will make this motion second nature to your child. Practicing these techniques and drills will improve your contact with the baseball and add power to your hitting.

Easy to use Throwing Drills for Parents to work with their Children

Under the basic fundamentals of throwing section, in the fundamentals part of this site, I cover the proper throwing technique that improves baseball throwing accuracy and speed while reducing risk of injury. Here, I'll show you many youth baseball throwing drills easily used at home, regardless of the weather outside to reinforce this technique. These drills will further ensure your childs understanding of the technique and also build the proper muscle memory. I'll also show you a drill to warm your arm up before practicing at home. It's easy and fun to learn and will have your childs arm ready for action in about 5 minutes.


Want to help your youth baseball player become a faster baserunner? There's more to it than just being a fast runner. In this youth baseball instruction section, I'll discus proper baserunning techniques that will make your child faster on the base-paths... Drills that teach taking the correct angle to the base, stepping on the correct part of the bag and the cross-over are just a few of the areas that we'll discuss. Please review the fundamentals of baserunning section, under the fundamentals sections of this site, first. We'll then provide you with the drills to assist your child in learning and reinforcing these methods in a fun and effective way in this section.


I'll show you how to incorporate the basic fundatmentals of catching a baseball, outlined in the fundamentals section of this site, into baseball drills that will help your child improve this skill. Using these drills will allow your child to not only learn the technique, but also begin to build the muscle memeory that will make this a natural habit after time. These drills will improve your childs catching range, holding onto the ball, and glove to ball exchange time. Once they master the proper throwing and catching techniques, they'll significantly improve the time it takes them to catch the ball and get it to one of their defensive partners.


I'll cover both youth baseball infield and outfield drills in this section. It's time to apply the youth baseball instruction from the fundamentals section into some fun baseball drills you can use with your child at home. These drills will reinforce fielding fundamentals while building the required muscle memory for your child. In the outfield, I'll show you drills to reinforce the fundamentals and muscle memory of both flyballs and groundballs. We'll also incorporate proper throwing techniques into the drills, like the crow-hop and basic cut-offs. Infield drills will focus on fielding linedrives, pop-ups, and groundballs. We'll focus on both glovework and footwork here. Basic base covering responsibilities will also be practiced in this section.


Here we'll discuss baseball drills for the 2 wind-ups most commonly used by pitchers: The full wind-up and the stretch. The basic fundamental steps are located under the fundamentals section (link listed on the left border or the bottom of this page). If you feel comfirtable with the basic steps, we'll use this section discuss how to incorporate pitching drills to assist in your childs understanding of the techniques as well as building their muscle memory.

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